Fit Maine advertising & sponsorship

Fit Maine advertising & sponsorship

Let’s work together

Through engaging online content that’s crafted with personality (because this is fun stuff we’re talking about – it should be fun to read), Fit Maine can share the story of who you are and what you do.

There’s a whole world of engaging ways to do it, too: Stories, video and social media, contests and featured events, advertising and sponsorships (just to name a few). And I’m pretty confident that we’d have a grand time collaborating on something outstanding.

Here are some starting ideas (also see the Fit Maine 2018 Media Kit [PDF]).

Let’s talk about what you’re up to and how Fit Maine can help spread the word. It all starts with getting in touch. Email Shannon Bryan at

Digital advertising

All ads run of site. Positions are reserved on a first come, first served basis and can include 1 social media post.

Website rates
Leaderboard (728×90) $100/week, $300/month
Medium rectangle (300×250) $50/week, $150/month

Weekly newsletter rates
Newsletter leaderboard: $50/week, $150/month
Newsletter medium rectangle: $35/week, $105/month

Video pre-roll rates
Pre-roll “things to do” video: $100/video, runs weekly

Leaderboard and medium rectangle ad position.

Event promotion

Give your event the attention it deserves.

Fit Maine is the resource for active things to do in Maine, and that includes a robust roundup of events. It’s free for anyone to post an event in the online calendar, and some of those events make it into the events list in the weekly newsletter.

For an event that really stands out and gets ALL the extra play and promotion, there’s a Featured Event option.

Featured Events get:

  • Premiere Event Listing at top of calendar page.
  • Promotion in weekly “Things to do this weekend” video
  • Expanded event listing in weekly newsletter
  • Mentions (2) on Fit Maine social media
  • ROS ad on Fit Maine (first come, first served)
  • Post-event recap of event utilizing your copy and photos. (Can include promotion for another upcoming event)
The premiere event listing includes featured event placement above the calendar and can include ROS ads in the right column.


    • All of the above mentioned benefits and:
    • Extended promotion in “Things to do this weekend” video.(This could include an interview with organizers or participants, shot at event location or place of interest.)


    • Fit Maine presence at event to capture the experience
    • Real-time social media coverage during event
    • Photography during event


  • Post-event photo gallery shared on Facebook
  • Post-event story with photos (possibly video)
  • Access to hi-res images from event to use as needed (with Fit Maine credit)

Things to do this weekend video

Event photo gallery on Facebook

Custom content

Unique content that spreads your message, reaches your audience, and fits your budget.

The ideas below are a solid place to start. Fit Maine can also work with you to come up with the perfect approach for you – be it a single element or a robust package.

Who doesn’t love a contest?! They’re a fun way to promote just about anything, like an upcoming event, outdoor gear, a new paddling guide, or a fitness class. And while it’s up to you how many winners are chosen, the amplified interest a contest generates for your business is a direct win for you.

  • Giveaway via and/or Fit Maine’s social media channels
  • Contest page on that describes the giveaway and highlights the work you do, with additional info, photos and links
  • Contest promotion in the weekly newsletter
  • Contest promotion on all of Fit Maine’s social media channels
  • Can include follow-up from contest winner
A Facebook contest – in this case, a ticket giveaway.

SPONSORED POST: Starting at $500
Sponsored posts, aka “native advertising,” are a perfect blend of great content and targeted promotion. We’ll work together to develop the best approach that suits your brand while making sure we’re creating content that’s genuinely useful and interesting to readers. Here’s a good example: Paddling Southern Maine: 10 beginner-friendly places to kayak and SUP

  • Collaborate on an original piece of content that promotes your brand
  • Click-throughs in post to your website, social media, or other page of choice
  • “Evergreen” content lives on the site for months – even years – well beyond a traditional ad
“Why I” series, featuring local people and why they do the things they love doing.

VIDEO: Starting at $500

    • Collaborate on an original video that promotes your brand
    • Sponsored video is created to both promote your business and be genuinely engaging to the audience
    • YouTube embed code allows you to post the video to your own website
    • “Evergeen” videos lives on the site for months – even years – well beyond a traditional ad

This unique video series connects first-timers with experiences they’ve always wanted to try – from rock climbing and dance classes to mountain biking and paddleboard yoga. Your business gets prime promotion as the host of the experience, which follows the subject as she tries the new-to-her activity. Videos can also include interviews, shop/studio highlights, and more, can be shared on your website, and specifically encourage new business.

Premier series sponsorships are also available.

Engaging content for your site

The great content you need – your vision, your mission – crafted especially for you.

    • Every website needs solid, engaging content. Let Fit Maine take that task off your plate. You’ll have complete editorial control, and Fit Maine will do the heavy lifting.

Rates generally 50 cents/word

Reach your people

Connect with a growing audience of active Mainers who want to hear about you. The Fit Maine audience is wildly interested in wellness, nutrition, fitness apparel, outdoor gear, and anything that speaks to a spirit of adventure. We’re not all hardcore athletes here, but we love trying new things, feeling strong, and making memories along the way. (And maybe stopping off at a brewery to cap off our adventure!)

Let’s talk about what you’re up to and how Fit Maine can help spread the word. It all starts with getting in touch. Email Shannon Bryan at

Shannon Bryan, founder of Fit Maine, during her regular appearance on 207.

About Shannon Bryan

What’s your next adventure?

It’s a question I get asked a lot. I’ve been writing about cool things to do in Maine for over 12 years, and along the way, I’ve built up a reputation for knowing the best ways to get active and experience Maine. And I share it all with enthusiasm and good energy (and the occasional cheesy joke), because I want everyone to love and enjoy all there is to do in Maine, just as much as I do.

In addition to creating fantastic content, I also appear regularly on 207 and emcee local events.

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