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Kayak Rescue Clinic @ Portland Paddle
Aug 26 @ 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Kayak Rescue Clinic @ Portland Paddle | Portland | Maine | United States

Getting back into a kayak after a capsize is more difficult than you might expect — but only if you’re not prepared. That why it’s important to be familiar with some techniques that enable you to rescue yourself and fellow paddlers if someone accidentally goes for a swim. This course, open to anyone who has sea kayaked at least once before, will give you a chance to learn and practice some of the most tried and true kayak rescues. Portland Paddle (and most sea kayaking outfitters in the U.S. and Canada) will require you to have the skills taught in this course before letting you rent a sea kayak for use on open coastal waters. As with all our courses, your instructor will customize the course to meet with each student’s goals and interests. Wetsuits and all necessary gear are provided. Plan to get wet!