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Shine Dance Fitness Portland Maine

SHiNE Dance Fitness combines moves from jazz, hip hop, and ballet into simple choreography set to upbeat dance music of...
Be Well Portland

Be Well Portland brings together our love of fitness and being social and eating and drinking with yoga and barre...
Yoga at Dirigo Brewing Co. in Biddeford

For an easy-going Sunday that you can still feel proud to talk about at work on Monday, there's Downdogs at...

Find some hiking friends with one of these Maine and New England hiking groups, because being on-trail with other cool...
Punk Rope at Body By John

The Punk Rope class at Body By John in Portland is a challenging 45 minutes of rope jumping to loud...
Dancehall Hip Hop Hustle + Flow Portland

The music is loud, everyone's moving and sweating, and all that focus on remembering the choreography means your noggin gets...
Trampoline Fitness Factory Portland Maine

Fitness Factory offers two classes - Total Trampoline and Trampoline & Tone - and both are a blend of jumping...
Snowshoe cathance river preserve topsham

Between the winter wonderland that is Cathance River Preserve and the option to swing into Flight Deck for a beer,...
Everest Challenge

The Mt. Everest Challenge will have you climbing 29,029 feet of elevation (that's the height of Everest's summit) over the...
favorite workouts of 2017

Make plans for an active, sweat-filled, and memorable 2018 with these favorite workouts - from aqua fitness and pole dancing...
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