Month: October 2018

by: Shannon Bryan

PHOTOS! Run the Ridge Trail Race with Discover Downtown Westbrook

Running humans and running dogs took to the trails Saturday at Sunset Ridge in Westbrook during the Run the Ridge...
by: Shannon Bryan

Fall at Maine Huts and Trails: Self-service season is a great time to visit

Late fall is an ideal time to visit Maine Huts and Trails. It's self-service season, which means you'll bring and...
Equinox Climbing Co in Camden Maine
by: Shannon Bryan

Rock climbing in Camden with Equinox Guiding Service

Whether you've done some climbing before or your entirely new to it, a guided climb with Equinox Guiding Service will...
Saco Turkey Trot Maine
by: Shannon Bryan

TURKEY BURN: Thanksgiving workouts, yoga, and road races you can feel good about

All eyes are Thanksgiving dinner prize (the potatoes! The turkey! The slice after slice of pie!) It is your abdomen's...
by: Shannon Bryan

Hike and Sauna Saturday: Pleasant Mountain + Nurture Through Nature, Denmark

Hike and Sauna Saturday combines a scenic mountain ascent and ends with you contentedly sweating your brains out in a...