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Trek Across Maine
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10 reasons YOU can do the Trek Across Maine this year

The annual Trek Across Maine is coming up on Father’s Day Weekend. It’s an incredible and memorable three days and 180 miles. If you’ve been eyeing this ride for years but have yet to sign up because you keep telling yourself, “That ride looks awesome, but I couldn’t do that,” well I’m here to say: Yes you can!

5 ways to enjoy the outdoors close to home

Let's have some epic adventures really close to our houses! Including but not limited to: watching a sunrise, making a sunrise, googling 'dragonfly reproduction,' pretending you're a stealth forest spy, paddleboarding on your driveway, staring at birds and fungus in your backyard, and becoming a champion of the thrilling new sport of indoor hiking.
view of legs pedaling a 2-seater bike on railroad tracks

Ride the railcycles in Thorndike

These two-seater pedal bikes are perfectly suited to ride on railroad tracks. At B&ML RailCyclers in Thorndike, Maine, you can take a 1-hour ride on the tracks, going at a leisurely pace for 2 or so miles before turning around to head back. T
Roller skating

Dance Skate Club in Portland

It's ROLLERDANCE. In PORTLAND! Hot damn! Dance Skate Club just launched in January - it's a class dedicated to learning how to dance on skates like how the cool kids did at the skating rink back in the day.
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