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++ Get out (but, like, not too far). We all love and appreciate the positive effects of the Maine outdoors. Hopefully we’ll be back to all kinds of adventuring soon. But for now, press pause. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has some great advice: stay close to home, steer clear of busy locations, keep your distance (and stick to walking/hiking with folks from your household). ++

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Peggy Morin
Peggy lives in Portland with her husband, their daughter (when she’s home from college), two Shih Tzus and a cat. She loves throwing theme parties (like Kentucky Derby, Olympics Opening Ceremonies, and Pirate Night).
I did it! Peggy Glass Morin after her first-ever open water swim
by: Peggy Morin

Fear be damned, I did my first-ever open water swim. Will I do it again? Heck yea.

Lap swimming in a pool is great - it's warm and clear and you can hang onto the sides. But...