Barre Bootcamp at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth with Hannah’s Fitness PWM

Barre Bootcamp at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth with Hannah’s Fitness PWM

Fort Williams is an excellent place to go if you’d like to spend an afternoon admiring Maine’s oldest lighthouse while sitting in the grass in full view of the Atlantic while eating a Bite into Maine lobster roll (the “picnic” is the best and pairs well with a ginger soda) and then climbing on the remnants of an old fort that’s covered in the most polite graffiti I’ve ever read. (No joke, last time I checked, the walls were covered in things like “You are beautiful” and “Love is everywhere.” And, okay, also “That’s what she said.” Kids these days, amiright?)

But for a few remaining Sundays, it’s also a place for battle ropes, side planks, and plyometrics.

Barre Bootcamp at Fort Williams with Hannah’s Fitness PWM. Shannon Bryan photo

Hannah Lindsay of Hannah’s Fitness PWM is leading Barre Bootcamp in the grass at Fort Williams. The hour-long workout begins with barre exercises to warm up (no ballet barre in this case, but expect some of those small, pulsing movements you do in a typical barre class. You know, the ones that look like NBD until you’re halfway through a set of pulsing crunches and your midsection feels like it’s going to burst into flames).

Stretching with friends before class. Shannon Bryan photo
Hannah Lindsay, left, leads some stretches at the start of class. Shannon Bryan photo

The bootcamp-style class includes a range of stations, which switch up from week to week, but you can expect things like battle ropes, pushups, small hurdle jumping, squats, short sprints, and planks.

You can also expect to feel your heart thumping in earnestness and to regularly wipe away a gratuitous amount of sweat pretty from much everywhere.

Those hurdles look small until you’re five jumps in – then they’re so very tall. Shannon Bryan photo
One-arm kettlebell rows. Shannon Bryan photo
Working the battle rope. Shannon Bryan photo

Last Sunday, the morning was cool. We showed up in zip-ups and sweatshirts. But it didn’t take long for the layers to come off and the sweat to take over.

Hannah first started this Barre Bootcamp earlier this summer, with a plan to offer class every other Sunday. Weather prompted a cancellation a few weeks back, so she’s offering class the next two weekends (Sunday, Sept 16 and Sunday, Sept 23) at 10 a.m. More classes might follow in the fall, weather depending. See her Facebook page for updates.

Pushups, pushups, and more pushups. Shannon Bryan photo
Portland Head Light keeps watch over passing ships AND your amazing muscles. Shannon Bryan photo
Instructor Hannah Lindsay keeps an eye on form and calls out encouragement during her Barre Bootcamp class at Fort Williams. Shannon Bryan photo
Jumping the hurdles at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth. Shannon Bryan photo

Barre Bootcamp is open to all ability levels – there are modification options for each exercise – and the drop-in cost is $15.

The perplexed looks from visiting tourists who are wondering what the heck you’re doing? Those are free of charge.
(Last week, we heard a passing visitor comment, “It’s Sunday. What are they DOING?!” Haha. Just making Portland Head Light proud with our impressive planking, that’s all.

And hey, if you want to slide over to Bite into Maine for a lobster roll after, they open at 11 a.m. Perfect.

Barr Bootcamp

10 a.m. Sundays – Sept. 16 and 23 (possibly additional dates in October).
Fort Williams, 1000 Shore Road, Cape Elizabeth
Meet at flag pole
$15 drop-in.
FMI: or email Hannah at

Barre Bootcamp at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth with Hannah’s Fitness PWM. Shannon Bryan photo

Shannon Bryan

Shannon Bryan

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