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Camp to Belong 2019 – Get Outside with Kids for a Full Week in Maine! @ Camp to Belong Maine rented facility (New England Golf and Tennis Camp)
Aug 10 – Aug 17 all-day
Camp to Belong 2019 - Get Outside with Kids for a Full Week in Maine! @ Camp to Belong Maine rented facility (New England Golf and Tennis Camp)

Run, swim, kayak, and play with youth who in foster care, who are attending a one-week summer sleepaway camp with siblings who they have been separated from. In between roasting s’mores and making sure kids get from their bunkbeds to activities and meals safely, you’ll take in gorgeous Maine scenery, eat 3+ meals a day cooked by the facility, and meet incredible humans from all walks of life. And at the end of the week, you’ll return home with tan cheeks, an overflowing heart, and the knowledge you provided an irreplaceable service to campers, as for some of them this is the only week of the summer they see their brother or sister during the year.

Got goosebumps? Apply now! No experience with the foster care system is necessary – training on some basic background is provided during orientation, and after you apply Camp To Belong Maine will contact you to learn more about you, and give you the opportunity to ask questions!

Want to chat with a counselor alum before starting the application process? Fit Maine Social Club member Stefanie Millette is a veteran Camp to Belong volunteer and can share her perspective at


S.A.S. (Slow As S*#t) Running Club @ Eastern Trail
Aug 18 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am
S.A.S. (Slow As S*#t) Running Club @ Eastern Trail

Do you run? Do you walk? Do you Run and walk? Well We are S.A.S and we want to run with you!!! Join us at the Pine Point entrance on the Eastern Trail for a 2.5-5 mile run! Free to all.


Bootcamp @ Fort Williams
Aug 18 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Bootcamp @ Fort Williams

We will be doing a 1 hr outdoor high intensity interval training class, including warm up and cool down/stretch. All with the backdrop of beautiful Casco Bay at Fort Williams Park.
Classes will involve bodyweight movements, some weights (kettle bells) and/or resistance bands, running/sprinting and movements to increase balance and agility.
There will always be modifications for each exercise, all ability levels are welcomed and encouraged.

Drop in rate is $15 per
Class packs: $100 for 8, $65 for 5, $40 for 3
Pay via: Venmo @hannahls5 , Cash or check

Email for more details

Dates are:
June 9th & 23rd
July 7th & 21st
August 4th & 18th
September 8th & 22nd



Refine your Sun Salutation @ The Daily Sweat
Aug 18 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Refine your Sun Salutation @ The Daily Sweat

Sun salutations are a sequence of poses linked together by the breath. They work to strengthen the body and focus the mind, and form the foundation for the entire practice. Because we are constantly moving and rarely holding the individual poses, it is easy to lose our alignment. If we develop unconscious habits that are repeated over and over, this can lead to injury.

In this workshop we will first focus on the breath. Long, even breaths steady the nervous system, strengthens the body, and builds internal heat. When you are concerned with the breath within one posture, or one movement, your mind is in the present moment, which is where yoga wants us to be. After focusing on the breath we will work on refining our alignment in each of the postures in Sun Salutation A & B. We will take a deeper look at what is happening in chaturanga, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog, and explore different modifications and enhancements so that all levels will benefit—from beginner to advanced.

cost: $30 Non-member, members take 20% off


Beer & Yoga at the Brewery! @ Sebago Brewing Company
Aug 18 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Beer & Yoga at the Brewery! @ Sebago Brewing Company

Beer & Yoga at the brewery is back for another season!

Join us on various Sundays throughout the summer for a gentle workout followed by a delicious beer outside at the brewery! Your ticket to Beer & Yoga at the Brewery gets you a 1 hour yoga class taught by an instructor from Gorham Yoga Company and one Sebago beer pour. Bring your friends and stay after class to enjoy some sunshine, beer and lunch on the patio.

Tickets are $15 beforehand and $20 at the door, and all yogi levels are welcome!



What should I bring into the event?
Bring your yoga mat, we will not have any on site. If you don’t own a yoga mat bring a beach towel. Water will be provided. Feel free to bring your own water bottle.
Don’t forget your sunblock.

Is there a minimum age requirement for this event?
All ages are welcome to join in the yoga class but you must be 21+ to enjoy a beer.

I’ve never done yoga before… is that ok?
Sure is! This is a judgement free yoga session. All skill levels welcome.

What should I wear?
Wear something comfortable and easy to move in, athletic clothes are best.


Biddeford Saco Boot Camp on the beach @ Fortunes Rocks Beach, Middles Beach, Bath House Beach, in Biddeford Pool
Aug 19 @ 6:00 am – 6:45 am
Biddeford Saco Boot Camp on the beach @ Fortunes Rocks Beach, Middles Beach, Bath House Beach, in Biddeford Pool | Biddeford | Maine | United States

Boot camp uses interval, circuit, and aerobic training. It will burn fat, tone muscle, improve posture, build strength and endurance, and build confidence. You work out your arms, legs, and core using exercises that incorporate your whole body. Boot camp can get you into the best shape of your life. As one of my campers stated, “I am stronger, faster, and leaner”
A typical day includes a warm up, stretches, the ‘workout’, cool down, a possible game or challenge, and finishing stretches.

Boot camps varying routines are intense sessions that offer a variety of exercises, and challenge every muscle in your body. By rapidly moving from one exercise to the next, with minimal breaks, you can get a cardiovascular workout while simultaneously toning your muscles. And, you burn lots of calories. Its fun, varied, motivating, produces amazing results, and meets at a fantastic location.

Boot camp’s 45 minutes workouts allow you to do strength training and aerobic training in a single workout, which is very efficient when you have a limited time to work out.


I checked it out! Do boot camp on the beach with Biddeford Saco Boot Camp

Back Cove Run @ Edward Payson Park
Aug 20 @ 6:00 am – 7:00 am
Back Cove Run @ Edward Payson Park  | Portland | Maine | United States

Come on out and join the Runaways Run Club for a free, all levels 3.5 mile group run around the Back Cove Trail in Portland every Tuesday. This is an informal and fun group run, go at whatever pace you’d like, for first placers to first timers! We’re meeting at Payson Park at the parking lot nearest to the trail / Baxter Blvd and we’ll be taking off on the run no later than 6:05am, just FYI. See you there!


Fat Bike Tuesdays @ Katahdin Area Trails
Aug 20 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Fat Bike Tuesdays @ Katahdin Area Trails

Come on a guided ride on the new Katahdin Area Trails Single Track Loop at Hammond Ridge. Ed will guide you over the new 5 mile loop. Note, you should be able to ride a bike and have decent bike control, there are hills, sharp turns and other fun features, we will be covering a reasonable amount of ground in 1.5 hours. Arrive at 3.45 if possible. 50% off select apps in the River Driver’s Restaurant after the bike ride.