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by: Shannon Bryan

Do boot camp on the beach with Biddeford Saco Boot Camp

Maybe it's the expansive Atlantic. Maybe it's the sand or the salt-smelling air or the drying seaweed that squishes underfoot,...
by: Shannon Bryan

Open water swim training with sheJAMs or YMCA will build your open water confidence

This spring, sheJAMs and southern Maine YMCAs are offering training groups to help you get comfortable swimming in open water.
by: Fit Maine

Survey: What might help you get more active?

Your input will help create cool classes & events that will get us all movin' (and liking it).
fun maine workout
by: Shannon Bryan

9 workouts to try in 2016 (that are actually a ton of fun)

This is the year we decide to not focus on the calories burned or the accrual of miles on a...
by: Shannon Bryan

Get outside with Maine Yoga Adventures: Snowshoeing, X-C skiing, rock climbing, beer!

You know those days when you go out with friends and do something engaging and fun - like a group...
by: Shannon Bryan

Get physical on Valentine’s Day weekend: 16 active things to do (with or with out an S.O.)

No disrespect to the world's candies, but instead of tipping back a whole box of chocolate-covered nougat and butterscotch squares...
by: Shannon Bryan

Full Moon Hikes at Mt. Abram: We don’t need no stinkin’ chairlift

Folks who don't typically shapeshift with the appearance of the full moon will appreciate the uphill trek to Mt. Abram's...
by: Shannon Bryan

Yoga 101: Beginner yoga classes in Maine

A decade ago, I didn't know anyone who did yoga (at least not anyone who talked about it publicly). These...
by: Shannon Bryan

Try the silks at an Aerial Improv class in Portland (and trapeze! And aerial hoop!)

For anyone who's ever watched performers gracefully climb and swing and dangle and dance on an aerial hoop or silks...
by: Shannon Bryan

Kickboxing Yoga: It exists! KICKASANA at Fearless Phoenix in Cape Elizabeth

It's true, these two disciplines don't seem altogether compatible at first glance. When I first heard that a kickboxing yoga...
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