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++ Get out (but, like, not too far). We all love and appreciate the positive effects of the Maine outdoors. Hopefully we’ll be back to all kinds of adventuring soon. But for now, press pause. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has some great advice: stay close to home, steer clear of busy locations, keep your distance (and stick to walking/hiking with folks from your household). ++

Active life

by: Shannon Bryan

Full Moon Hikes at Mt. Abram: We don’t need no stinkin’ chairlift

Folks who don't typically shapeshift with the appearance of the full moon will appreciate the uphill trek to Mt. Abram's...
by: Shannon Bryan

Yoga 101: Beginner yoga classes in Maine

A decade ago, I didn't know anyone who did yoga (at least not anyone who talked about it publicly). These...
by: Shannon Bryan

Try the silks at an Aerial Improv class in Portland (and trapeze! And aerial hoop!)

For anyone who's ever watched performers gracefully climb and swing and dangle and dance on an aerial hoop or silks...
by: Shannon Bryan

Kickboxing Yoga: It exists! KICKASANA at Fearless Phoenix in Cape Elizabeth

It's true, these two disciplines don't seem altogether compatible at first glance. When I first heard that a kickboxing yoga...
by: Shannon Bryan

Winter Trails Day: Try cross-country skiing & snowshoeing in Maine for FREE!

Winter Trails Day is national effort to encourage folks like us to get outside by offering free intro to cross-country...
by: Shannon Bryan

Jazzercise in Westbrook. Yes, Jazzercise! No legwarmers needed #thenewjazzercise

Does everybody dress retro? I wondered. Will I stand out if I'm wearing modern-day (and totally not neon) gym shorts?...
by: Shannon Bryan

Buti Yoga at Hustle and Flow, Portland: You’ll shake, pop, sweat & love it

I planked and popped to the beat of the music, sweating plenty along the way, and it felt more like...
by: Shannon Bryan

Work out like a surfer: SURFSET fitness classes at Magnolia in Portland

For folks who have long harbored surfing fantasies, here's a chance to get surf-inspired exercise, sans the big waves and...
by: Shannon Bryan

Warrior Moms in Westbrook: A fitness class for pregnant & new moms

For pregnant women and new moms who have a hankering for a good sweat, medicine balls and some walking lunges...
by: Shannon Bryan

A jungle gym for grownups: Maine Warrior Gym in Westbrook is open!

Maine Warrior Gym really is like a jungle gym for grownups. The monkey bars, warped walls, ropes and salmon ladder...
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