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by: Shannon Bryan

Learn aerial silks, trapeze, hand balancing at The Sellam Circus School in Biddeford

We CAN swing from a trapeze and climb silks and do hand stands (we might just need some help learning...
Nova Yoga Trapeze
by: Shannon Bryan

Supermans and happy spines at Nova Yoga Trapeze in Topsham

Yoga Trapeze helps you stretch your body - including stretches that keep one foot on the ground and stretches where...
Circus aerials maine
by: Shannon Bryan

The circus lives! Learn aerial silks, trapeze & handbalancing in Portland & Biddeford

The closure of Circus Maine is a real bummer. But there are still places to learn aerial silks, trapeze, and...
by: Shannon Bryan

Learn silks, trapeze & aerial hoop: Adult circus arts at Circus Maine

Circus Maine offers several classes for grownups: adult fitness, intro aerial fabric, tumbling, hand balancing, Chinese pole, mime, clowning, and...
by: Shannon Bryan

Hang out: Aerial yoga classes in Portland, Biddeford, Brewer & Bar Harbor

Aerial yoga helps improve flexibility and strength with a series of poses and breathwork, only now there's a silky-fabric hammock...
by: Shannon Bryan

PHOTOS! Beginner aerial silks class at Breakwater School in Portland

While mastering aerial silks takes years of practice, you can still gain some basics and do some pretty impressive moves...
by: Shannon Bryan

Try the silks at an Aerial Improv class in Portland (and trapeze! And aerial hoop!)

For anyone who's ever watched performers gracefully climb and swing and dangle and dance on an aerial hoop or silks...