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YCycle class at the YMCA in Biddeford Maine
by: Shannon Bryan

Try the Y for FREE! Fitness classes, pool, weight rooms & more at YMCA of Southern Maine

The YMCA of Southern Maine's Try the Y campaign, which runs from Jan 2-5, 2019 at all four branches (Portland,...
by: Shannon Bryan

Learn the boxing basics with Liz Leddy at Portland Boxing Club

The Saturday intro class is for folks who really want to learn to box. You'll gain the basics on proper...
9 Round in Gorham Maine
by: Shannon Bryan

Kick, jab & sweat: 30-minute kickboxing-based workout at 9Round in Gorham

The new 9Round in Gorham features a 30-minute kickboxing-based circuit that includes 9 rounds, 3 minutes each. You get to...
Riverview Martial Arts - kickboxing
by: Shannon Bryan

Jab, hook, kick: Fitness kickboxing at Riverview Martial Arts, South Portland

At Riverview Martial Arts in South Portland, you can do a whole lot of socially appropriate kicking and punching during...
by: Shannon Bryan

Kickboxing Yoga: It exists! KICKASANA at Fearless Phoenix in Cape Elizabeth

It's true, these two disciplines don't seem altogether compatible at first glance. When I first heard that a kickboxing yoga...
by: Shannon Bryan

Wanna box? Try Strike Fit at new EYJ Fitness in Falmouth

I tried Strike Fit. And wow, there was sweating. There was panting. There was a sense of toughness that lingers...