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Equinox Climbing Co in Camden Maine
by: Shannon Bryan

Rock climbing in Camden with Equinox Guiding Service

Whether you've done some climbing before or your entirely new to it, a guided climb with Equinox Guiding Service will...
Visit Maine - active ways to explore Maine
by: Shannon Bryan

Visit Maine, DO stuff: Hiking, biking, walking, paddling tours to explore the state

Active ways to explore Maine, whether you're visiting Maine for a short time or you live here all year long....
back40 adventures maine

Back40 connects adventure-seekers in Maine with experienced local guides

Back40 rounds up a range of guided outdoor adventures - for novices and more experienced folks - offered by guides...
by: Shannon Bryan

You can climb at Evo Rock + Fitness in Portland even if you’re afraid of heights

You can work on overcoming a mild fear of heights with beginner lessons, practice and plenty of positive self talk,...
by: Shannon Bryan

Paddle, run, walk & climb with others: Try these 14 fitness Meetups in Maine

Whether you're looking for fitness pals or people to hike or paddle with, has a lot of options. There...
by: Shannon Bryan

Get climbing: Salt Pump Climbing Co. is OPEN in Scarborough

Experienced climbers, novice climbers and people who often think about getting into climbing because it looks cool and challenging you...