Update: Barn Bootcamp has been cancelled for the rest of the month. Darn! 

It’s bootcamp. In a barn!

Kendra Wheeler, founder of fitGOALS Training, is leading bootcamp twice a week in a wonderfully rustic barn in Harpswell.

The bootcamp runs from 5:45 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays through the month of May and is open to all levels. And your first class is free.

And while you may have bootcamped in your local gym or fitness studio, you’ve probably never bootcamped in rural barn with the doors wide open and the spring breeze coming in to cool you down (pretty sure that breeze will also impressed with the steadiness of your plank).

The barn is actually on private property – it belongs to some friends of Kendras who are kind enough to let folks get their sweat on inside. And maybe outside.


I joined in on the inaugural bootcamp on Tuesday, which happened to be one of those glorious spring days that you definitely don’t want to spend inside.

We started with some fitness testing (how many situps can you do in a minute, just like we did in school), and Kendra hopes regulars will be able to chart their progress over the month.

And then we planked. We reversed pushuped. We mountain climbed. We squatted. There were plenty of rests between exercises to catch our breath and get a drink of water. (Kendra really likes drinking water.)

Kendra strikes a sit-up pose while my fellow bootcamper, Sarah, holds her feet.
Kendra strikes a sit-up pose while my fellow bootcamper, Sarah, holds her feet.

The class ended with a yoga-style savasana – lying on our backs, eyes closed, the barn lit by setting-sun light – and we took time to just breathe and relax. That’s the best part of any workout, amiright?

Barn Bootcamp is free for first timers and $10 to drop in. Bring a mat (Kendra has some on hand if you don’t have one or forget) and some water (Kendra also has that, if needed).

For more info and the barn’s address: www.fitgoalstraining.com