Talk about instant gratification!

YogaYavira combines two of life’s most splendid things: yoga + beer. (And hey, if you don’t really think yoga is all that splendid, the after-yoga brews might convince you to come anyway. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why instructor Erin Compton is leading these classes. It’s like she knows us.)

All hail the beer! Shannon Bryan photo

The concept is simple (and also genius). Erin (of Riverbend Yoga in Yarmouth) leads a 75-minute, all-levels yoga class in the brewery (mostly at Banded Horn Brewery in Biddeford, although there are occasionally classes at other area breweries). Bring your own mat and all that. Cost is $14. (Next class: July 21 at Banded Horn Brewing, Biddeford!)

Shannon Bryan photo
The balance in this room was impressive. Shannon Bryan photo
The ever-popular downward dog. Speaking of dogs, Banded Horn has growlers. See the connection?! Shannon Bryan photo

After the yoga, take your well-stretched and moderately sweaty self to the tasting room bar (which is RIGHT THERE!) for a full pour of your favorite Banded Horn beer.

Yoga + beer. They're a perfect match. Shannon Bryan photos
Yoga + beer. They’re a perfect match. Shannon Bryan photos

Then drink your beer and talk to your lovely YogaYavira friends and rejoice in the fact that your just did your body some good and were rightfully rewarded for your efforts. As it should be.

Yogis enjoying their post-practice pours. Shannon Bryan photos
Yogis enjoying their post-practice pours. Shannon Bryan photos

The next event is Tuesday, July 21, 6 p.m. at Banded Horn! FMI: see the event on Facebook

And the YogaYavira Facebook page to stay apprised of upcoming sessions.

Because your forward bend should be followed by a Banded Horn.