Sundays are for chilling out. Down time. Going easy.

I’m all for lounging around in pajamas the entire day watching old episodes of Dateline. But for an easy-going Sunday that you can still feel proud to talk about at work on Monday, there’s Downdogs at Dirigo.

Yoga at the brewery. Shannon Bryan photo

This weekly event combines an hour of yoga with a glass of your favorite Dirigo Brewing Co. beer. (To be clear, you do the yoga first, then drink the beer. Not that beer-during-yoga wouldn’t also be lovely, but think of it most as a post-yoga reward.)

The exterior of Dirigo Brewing Co. on Pearl Street in Biddeford. Shannon Bryan photo

The Biddeford brewery is tucked inside an unassuming old brick building off Pearl Street, part of the Riverdam Mill, amid a host of other old brick structures that have witnessed changing times. You might think you’ve taken a wrong turn, that this can’t possibly be the way, and that you should turn your car around. But nope. Take Pearl Street to the end, and you’ll find it.

The yoga class runs from 10:30 a.m. to noon every Sunday, and the brewery doesn’t open to the public until after class, so it’ll only be yogis there to enjoy the space and the solitude. Mats are rolled out on the wood plank floor (bring your mat!), overhead lights are turned off, and the room is lit by the natural light coming in from the big windows.

A view out the window at Dirigo Brewing Co. Shannon Bryan photo

Even neater: When the windows are open (we cracked one open when I was there last year) you’ll get to listen to the tumbling-water sounds of the Saco Falls.

Stretching on the mat. Shannon Bryan photo

Instructor Lindsey led the class I attended – she does an excellent job talking the class through each movement and offering modifications for different levels. (Meaning, this is a great class for beginner or experienced yogis.)

Reeeeeeach. Shannon Bryan photo

Instructor Lindsey leads the class. Shannon Bryan photo

After class wraps (and you’ve had time to chill out in savasana), it’s over to the bar, where co-owner Molly (a yogi herself) will pour you a glass of Dirigo Brewing Beer and you can socialize, sip, and pat yourself on the back for putting on pants (even if they’re yoga pants, which are basically pajama pants) and doing something good for you.

Post-yoga beers at Dirigo Brewing Co. Shannon Bryan photo
Cheers! Shannon Bryan photo

Downdogs at Dirigo

Sundays 10:30 a.m. to noon at Dirigo Brewing Co., 28 Pearl St, Biddeford
(The tasting room opens to the public at noon).
$15 drop-in. Bring your own mat.
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This post was first published Sept. 17, 2017