Add a little spring into your leap and a little “hi-ya” into your workout with a Fly Bungee class at Hyper Fitness in Topsham.

“Hold up,” you might be asking. “What in buoyancy’s name is Fly Bungee? Does it involve jumping off a bridge or cliff or any other high structures because, if so, I’m out.”

Fret not. This isn’t bungee jumping. But like it’s thrill-seeking, bridge leaping distant cousin, Fly Bungee does make creative use of a bungee cord. Unlike bungee jumping, you don’t have to manage nightmares of plummeting to a canyon floor.

Fly Bungee is a new fitness class that dives deep into the “working out can be fun” philosophy. You’re attached to the ceiling by a bungee cord that lets you bounce and leap around like a newly born Peter Pan.

At a glance, there’s no denying it LOOKS fun.

A couple of weeks ago, the Fit Maine Social Club got together to give Fly Bungee a whirl. Spoiler: We liked it very much.

Fly Bungee is taught by instructor Marcia Lajoie (who also teaches the Yoga Trapeze classes I’ve written about and recently renamed the business Hyper Fitness).

Instructor Marcia Lajoie demonstrates a jump during a Fly Bungee class with Hyper Fitness in Topsham. Shannon Bryan photo

Marcia is a high-energy teacher who adds to the fun of the experience, and she’s cool about letting everyone move at their own pace and/or experiment with each movement. And boy did we experiment.

But before the fun could begin, we needed to get harnessed. Sure, they’re not the most flattering pieces of equipment, but they’re what’ll let you fly and bounce and do pushups like a superhero, so just put the dang thing on. Then Marcia hooks you up to one of the six bungees anchored to the ceiling (thus, class size is limited to six, and there’s a 225 pound weight limit on the bungees).

Getting hooked up to the bungee cord. Shannon Bryan photo
Leaning in and getting a feel for the bungee’s stretch and stability. Shannon Bryan photo
Learning how to brake. Shannon Bryan photo

The first few minutes in the harness are a hoot. First, you learn that the harness isn’t all comfort and joy – it rides right up into your groin. Second, you learn that you don’t really care because holy recoil that bungee makes you feel light and bouncy and you’re smiling with glee and cannot imagine life away from this harness and bungee ever again.

Then it’s time to start leaping.

The half star leap during a Fly Bungee class. Shannon Bryan photo
Leaping in near unison! Shannon Bryan photo

Marcia demonstrates each movement a few times first and offers pointers (and/or affirms that you are not, in fact, going to slam into the mirror in the front of the room). Then she lets you have at it, leaping into the air and laughing the whole while.

It looks like silliness – I get it. But all that running forward and back, jumping up and braking against the resistance of the bungee is genuinely exhausting. You don’t quite realize it at first until, between sets, you register your heart rate, your panting, your sweat. Oh yea, this is a workout.

Attempt”rainbow” – a handstand and push-off that Marcia makes look smooth. Shannon Bryan photo
Clapping pushups are SO EASY!*
* When you have a bungee cord alleviating most of your body weight.
Shannon Bryan photo
Weeeooo! Leaping like masters. Shannon Bryan photo
SUPERSTAR. Shannon Bryan photo

By the time our one-hour class was over, I think we were all fans of the bungee. But society isn’t ready for us to be bouncing around like this all day every day, so the harnesses had to come off. And when that harness comes off, you feel SO HEAVY. Guess it’s to be expected after an hour of feeling so light.

We’ll just have to come back and fly again another time.

Fly Bungee

Hyper Fitness
65 Topsham Fair Mall Road, Suite 2, Topsham, Maine
$25 drop-in. Private classes also available
See schedule:

Things to note:
– Class is open to all levels
– Weight limit is 225 pounds
– You will feel the harness in your groin during class and the next day
– Folks with back issues might find the pull of harness a bit aggravating on the muscles. There are some adjustments that Marcia can help you make so you’re comfortable, but heads up if you’re prone to back discomfort.

FMI: and

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