Camping is all about getting into the woods and away from it all – ditching those modern-day conveniences (scratch that – camping these days has plenty of modern-day conveniences. They’re just smaller and easier to pack into your hatchback). That said, camping still requires its own car-load of specialized stuff – from sleeping bags and camping stoves to tents, coolers, cooking supplies, sleeping pads, lanterns, camping chairs…you get the idea.

Avid campers tend to accumulate the necessary gear over time (every camping adventure is an opportunity to be reminded of the thing you forgot to pack).

But if you’re an occasional camper or just starting to entertain the idea of a weekend in the woods, figuring out how to get your hands on the necessities can be a daunting task (and camping is supposed to chill you out, not stress you out). You could beg, borrow, and steal gear from your pals. Or rent all the gear you’ll need from Maine Camping Gear Rentals.

Maine Camping Gear Rentals
The camping setup from Maine Camping Gear Rentals. Photo courtesy Maine Camping Gear Rentals.

Maine Camping Gear Rentals offers gear packs for rent that include all the things:

Ground cover
2-person tent
Air mattress for two with rechargeable pump
2 pillows/pillowcases
2 summer sleeping bags
2 sleeping bag liner sheets
Rechargeable flashlights AND headlamps (2)
2 folding chairs
1 lantern (rechargeable)
Hammer, duct tape, first aid kit, bug spray, matches, clothesline
Cutlery set for 4
Single burner propane stove with 2 cans of fuel
Knife/cutting board/spatula
Can/wine/beer opener
Dish clean up kit/garbage bags/paper towels

Cooler, lantern, plates, cups, cutting board. Photo courtesy Maine Camping Gear Rentals

Maine Camping Gear Rentals also rents addition stuff, like inflatable paddleboards and hybrid, road, and mountain bikes (complete with truck-mount rack, helmets, and repair kit), as well as campfire kits and backpackers kits.

The camping kit costs $45 per night and can be picked up and dropped of in Portland. Owner Darcy Starrett is accommodating about pickup/drop off, and depending where you’re staying, she might even be able to bring the gear to you. For a little extra, she’ll even set up your site. See the full list and book your rentals via

Camping gear ready for pickup! Photo courtesy Maine Camping Gear Rentals

If you need guidance on where to camp, that’s a good question for Darcy, too. (Some of my favorites: family-friend Mount Blue State Park and supremely scenic Cobscook Bay State Park.)

So rent some gear and get thee to a campground this year. But be warned, you’re probably going to love it, and you’ll start accumulating camping gear forever more. But in the meantime, rent it.

Maine Camping Gear Rentals
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