It’s true: The name got my attention.

But the G.O.T. Balls class at PNF in Windham could rightfully be called “G.O.T. Burning Quads” or “G.O.T. Butt Muscles That Ache For Days,” because boy did my quads and glutes burn.

‘G.O.T. Balls’ stands for ‘Get On The Balls,’ and PNF co-owner and instructor Whitney Sullivan employs medicine and stability balls (hence the ‘balls’) as well as weights and other implements of fitness to challenge all your muscles and whatever balance you can muster.

Whitney Sullivan, center, PNF co-owner and instructor, leads the G.O.T. Balls class at PNF. Shannon Bryan photo
A medicine ball balance challenge during a G.O.T. Balls class at PNF in Windham. Shannon Bryan photo

Specific movements change from week to week, which keeps class interesting and means different muscles are challenged. That said, special attention to your core and those aforementioned quads and glutes seems to be a staple.

Backs get some action at PNF in Windham. Shannon Bryan photo
Upper body work with dumbbells. Shannon Bryan photo

Don’t let those balls mislead you – this is a challenging class. My legs quit during a few movements out of sheer exhaustion. And while I won’t known for sure until I rise out of bed tomorrow, I am pretty confident I am going to wince while walking down my stairs for the next 24 hours. Modifications where needed are always an option, too – this class is open to all levels.

We did a good deal of lunges and squats and leg lifts, and some upper-body work with dumbbells as well. We did crunches on the ball and alternate leg/arm extensions on the mat (while holding onto the ball).

Alternating arm and leg extensions with a stability ball added for good measure. Shannon Bryan photo
Getting the whole body involved during G.O.T. Balls. Shannon Bryan photo

There were a host of balance challenges, too, like standing on one leg while lifting a medicine ball overhead, for example. All the while, Whitney reminded us to engage our core and breathe through our mouths.

Near the end of class, Whitney encouraged us to spend a few minutes having some fun with balance. She promptly climbed onto a stability ball and balanced on her knees, even jokingly dancing to the music a bit.

Whitney Sullivan, PNF co-owner, impressively balances on a stability ball during a G.O.T. Balls class. Shannon Bryan photo

I tried to imitate, but only managed to balance on my hands and knees for a fraction of a second. All in good time, I suppose!

G.O.T. Balls is one of many classes at PNF, which also include cardio + core, Tabata, spinning, youth fitness, Silver + Fit, kickboxing, and more. See the complete schedule.

Class drop-in costs $15 ($5 for youth and Silver + Fit). Monthly memberships also available.

G.O.T. Balls

PNF, 15 Storm Drive, Windham
9 a.m. Monday
$15 drop-in, $125 10-class pass.
FMI: PNF in Windham
See the full class schedule.

PNF in Windham. (The main door is actually around the corner.) Shannon Bryan photo