Imagine doing mountain pose ON A MOUNTAIN. Or tree pose among trees. Or having the yoga instructor guide you to reach for the sky or point your toes toward the ocean.

Not that there’s anything wrong with reaching for the ceiling or pointing your toes toward a side wall. But doing yoga in the open air, with a blue sky overhead, birds chirping, wind rustling the leaves on the trees, and the Atlantic sprawled out in the distance is quite simply wonderful.

Yoga on Mount Agamenticus with Yoga on York. Shannon Bryan photo

Yoga on York, a yoga studio located at 250 York St., York, is leading hiking yoga classes every other Sunday this summer. (On the other Sundays, they lead beach yoga at Harbor Beach.)

The hiking yoga classes take place at Mount Agamenticus in York. Hiking yogis meet at 7 a.m. in the Ring Trail parking lot on Mountain Road. You’ll likely find yoga instructor David Glazebrook there, ready to lead the way up the mountain.

The Ring Trail trailhead near the parking lot and the first part of the hike! Shannon Bryan photos

The hike up the 0.3 mile-Blueberry Bluff Trail isn’t long (about 15 minutes) and is fairly easy, although there are certainly some steeper parts that’ll get your blood pumping and your body warmed up.

It’s a good time to sniff deeply and take in all those woodsy smells, and also to talk to new-to-you folks as you hike. You can also take some quiet time to just enjoy the outdoors (and maybe let the coffee kick in). It’s totally up to you.

The Blueberry Bluff Trail is about 0.3 miles, with steep parts that’ll get your body warmed up. Shannon Bryan photo
Hiking up Mount Agamenticus, with yoga mats in tow. Shannon Bryan photo
Close to the summit of Mount Agamenticus. Shannon Bryan photo
Unlike many other mountain summits, Mount Agamenticus features a large array of radio masts, a fire tower, and a few buildings. You can also drive up to the summit. Shannon Bryan photo

At the summit, yoga instructor Amie Reagan awaits. A blue tarp is laid out under the sun, with view of the ocean ahead. If you didn’t bring your own mat, you’re welcome to borrow one for free (and it’ll be waiting on the summit already).

After everyone gets their mats rolled out and is settled in, Amie leads an hour-long class full of downward dogs and table tops. You’ll breathe in the fresh air and feel the warming sun on your face. And when you’re reaching in warrior, you’ll look out to the water. And when you’re reaching your arms up toward the sky, you’ll really be reaching toward the sky.

Warrior on the Mount Agamenticus summit with Yoga on York. Shannon Bryan photo
Reaching for the actual sky! Shannon Bryan photo
Breathe in the fresh air and listen to the birds chirping. Shannon Bryan photo
Amie, an instructor at Yoga on York, leads the hiking yoga class. Shannon Bryan photo

At the end of class, you can head back down the mountain, or you’re free to hang out and explore the sweet network of trails . You’re already here, after all!

The view from atop Mount Agamenticus before heading back down. Shannon Bryan photo

Also, Yoga on York leads sunset beach yoga at York Harbor Beach, morning beach yoga, and Outdoor yoga at Bell Farm in York. See all the classes and dates.

Hiking Yoga

7 a.m. Sundays on May 12, May 26, June 9, June 30, July 14, July 28, August 11, August 25, September 8.
$20 drop-in (cash or check only)
FMI or to sign up:

This post was originally published on June 3, 2017