The Fit Maine Social Club!

It’s all about doing fun stuff that also happens to be good for our bods.

Like hiking, paddling, strength training, trapeze, chocolate hummus, spin class, ice climbing, TRX, beer flights, unicycling, Toboggan National Championships, maple-flavored popcorn, indoor rock climbing, hot apple cider, Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race, cross-country skiing, and homemade figgy hand pies.

Okay, maybe it’s also a lot about snacks.

The Fit Maine Social Club is a membership club that will keep you active all year long with fitness classes and outdoor adventures. I like to describe this as a “fit casual” social club, which to me basically translates to “let’s take a ferry to an island to go cliff hiking and then get nachos after!” I’ll do the organizing, you just show up.

Cross-country skiing (we enjoyed the outdoors heated pool after!) at Bethel Inn Resort.
Hiking in the White Mountains.
Toboggan National Championships.
“Adventure arms” with a view!
Spring paddle on the Presumpscot
Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race
Trapeze class at Sellam Circus School
Kayaking Pemaquid Point with Maine Kayak. Shannon Bryan photo

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Together we’ll try new things, we’ll explore new places, and we’ll have memorable experiences that we’ll be bragging about for months. Not that we’d EVER brag. (I mean yea, we totally brag, this stuff is awesome and Maine rules so yea we brag about it.)

Sign up on a monthly or seasonal basis – or get a membership for the whole year!

For more information about the Fit Maine Social Club or to sign up (you should totally sign up) go to