Backyard jungle gyms are a good indicator that kids live inside the adjacent home. Because grownups don’t keep jungle gyms in their yards for their own entertainment.

Except Anne L’Heureux does. (And you can climb on it, too!)

Anne is a Spartan racer (you know, those intense obstacle races ranging from 3 miles to marathon distance, with anywhere from 20-60 obstacles – wall climb, monkey bars, traversal wall, Atlas carries, tire flips, stump balances, rope swing, just to name a few). She got into it years ago, and to help her train, her husband started building obstacles in their roomy Biddeford backyard.

LOOK at all the cool stuff to climb on! You can workout here, too, with Spartan SGX BFD. Shannon Bryan photo
A few of the obstacle’s in Anne’s backyard. Shannon Bryan photo

He built a wall to climb over, monkey bars to swing from, a rope climb, traversal wall, and stands for hay bales so Anne could practice her spear throwing. And that’s only part of it.

A Spartan flag on Anne’s porch offers a hint of what’s behind the house. Shannon Bryan photo

Last year, Anne decided she couldn’t keep this yard and all its glorious Spartan challenges to herself, so she started offering classes on Monday mornings from 5:30 to 6:30 a.m. and Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30 p.m. (One-on-one coaching is also available.)

Anne’s a Spartan SGX certified coach (and a registered dietitian at Hannaford, so she’s well-verse in nutrition talk, too) and she runs outdoor classes in her yard starting in April and ending when the snow won’t let her anymore (usually in November).

The traversal wall. Shannon Bryan photo
The Herculean Hoist, wall and rope climb. Shannon Bryan photo

The classes are perfect for anyone looking to start training for their first-ever obstacle course race (Spartan, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, etc.) or anyone who’s already done obstacle course races and wants to improve their endurance and agility. This is the ideal place to practice. Plus, Anne doles out pointers and tips she’s gleaned over the years that’ll help you navigate each obstacle more efficiently. Even better.

Monkey bars go both ways here. Shannon Bryan photo
The rings are hard enough – wait until you try holding onto the ball! Shannon Bryan photo

But even if you have no desire to participate in an obstacle course race, this is still a really cool way to work out. It IS like playing on a jungle gym when we were kids. Except now our bodies weigh a lot more and the skin on our hands is significantly more delicate than I remember it. (Read: How did monkey bars get so dang hard?!)

Climb up, climb down. Shannon Bryan photo
The spear throw! Shannon Bryan photo
Anne talks to the group about tips for mastering some of the challenges. Shannon Bryan photo

Anne will run you through obstacles, make you carry heavy things, and help you grow your strength and stamina. And that’s useful whether you’re competing in a race or not. And Anne makes sure to switch up the classes, too, so there’s zero chance you’ll get bored. In fact, says Anne, this is the kind of fun and functional fitness where you get more fit without even realizing it, because you’re just having a damn good time on the jungle gym.

Anne showing tips for footholds while on the climbing rope. Shannon Bryan photo
Up and over the wall. Shannon Bryan photo

You can start any time (new participants are always welcome) and the cost is $10 for a drop-in and $90 for a 10-punch card.

To sign up, email Anne at or message her via Facebook through the Spartan SGX BFD Facebook page.

Anne’s backyard is on Pool Street in Biddeford (you may have driven right by it 100 times without even noticing!). You’ll get the exact address when you sign up.

Spartan SGX BFD

Pool Street, Biddeford
Monday morning 5:30-6:30 a.m.
Thursday evening 5:30-6:30 p.m.
One-on-one coaching available (times set up based on client need) and one-on-one nutrition counseling.
$10 drop-in, $90 10-punch card