We don’t NEED to be rewarded with cookies and sandwiches just for riding our bikes (bike riding is grand all on its own). But if someone wants to gift us with free goodies, we certainly won’t say no!

Portland Bike! Bingo is launching next month – it’s a bike riding game hosted by Bicycle Benefits that encourages us to cruise around on two wheels more often (whether for fun or as our spring commute). Maybe we’re enticed by the game itself (I MUST GET BINGO) or maybe we’re lured by the promise of sweet treats and water bottles. Whatever the reason, Portland Bike! Bingo wants you to get ridin’.

Here’s how it works: Pick up a Portland Bike! Bingo card at a participating location for $2 (the $2 stays with the local business). Then spend the month riding to the local coffee shops, bike shops, bakeries, climbing gym, and tea houses listed on the card to collect stamps at each stop.

The Portland Bike! Bingo card. Oh look, I’ve already got Arabica locked down!

Get a “bingo” (you know the drill: five stamps in a row – up, down or across) and you’ll get to redeem that victory with FREE STUFF. Free stuff like cookies and soup! And we don’t have to stress that the woman with 42 bingo cards and 57 lucky troll dolls will shout “Bingo!” before we do. In this version of the game, we can ALL bingo. Here are the prizes:

$5 gift certificate from Two Fats Cats (47 India St., Portland)
Free bowl of soup from Kamasouptra (28 Monument Way (Market House), Portland)
Free water bottle from Gorham Bike and Ski (693 Congress St., Portland)
Free bagel and spread from K. Hortons (28 Monument Way (Market House), Portland)
Free day pass at EVO Rock + Fitness (65 Warren Ave., Portland)
Free house-made cookie from Rosemont Market (88 Congress St., Portland and 5 Commercial St., Portland)

If you’re really bold, you can take this game all. the. way. and fill up the whole thing. In that event, you can choose from these sweet freebies:

Free salad or sandwich from Verbena (103 Ocean St., South Portland)
Free coffee and breakfast bar from Arabica Coffee (2 Free St., Portland and 9 Commercial St., Portland)
Free Bicycle Coalition of Maine membership
Free thermos from Bard Coffee (185 Middle St, Portland)
$15 gift certificate at Flatbread Company (72 Commercial St.)
$10 gift certificate at Arcadia National Bar (24 Preble St., Portland)

Portland Bike Bingo runs from May 1 to June 7, 2016. Bingo cards are available now at Bard, Arabica, 2 Fat Cats, Ten Ten Pie, Flatbread, Bam Bam Bakery, Verbena (South Portland), 158 Pickett Street Cafe (South Portland), Kamasouptra, Dobra Tea, and Arcadia. There’s also a kickoff event on May 7 at Rosemont on Commercial Street from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., where you can hear more about it and then get ridin’. (And FYI, you don’t have to buy anything at each stop to get a stamp, but you’re already there, and that baked good looks delicious, so…)

For more info, check out Portland Bike Bingo on Facebook: www.facebook.com