So many ways to get fit in Maine: From mountain hikes to paddleboard yoga. Let’s do them all!

So many ways to get fit in Maine: From mountain hikes to paddleboard yoga. Let’s do them all!

March 28, 201510995Views

What’s your next adventure?

It’s a question I get asked a lot. I’ve been writing about cool things to do in Maine for over 12 years, and along the way, I’ve built up a reputation for knowing the best ways to get active and experience Maine. And I share it all with enthusiasm and good energy (and the occasional cheesy joke), because I want everyone to love and enjoy all there is to do in Maine, just as much as I do.

I launched Fit Maine in 2015 as a side project where I could write about the fun stuff I was doing on evenings and weekends. (Because I enjoy a sweat-inducing indoor cycling class. Reaching a mountain summit. And the moment in a yoga class when you can finally balance in tree pose without all that erratic wobbling and arm-flailing.)

But in Maine, being fit isn’t just about feats at the gym or stamina on the treadmill. And it definitely has nothing to do with pant size. It’s about being able to do all the cool stuff there is to do around here. Like paddling Casco Bay and making a lunch stop at Fort Gorges. Like doing paddleboard yoga at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth. Like entering the amateur biathlon at Hidden Valley Nature Center or experimenting with skate skiing at Harris Farm in Dayton.

These are the things that fond weekend memories are made of. It also happens that doing lively, active stuff is an excellent way to exercise (but I don’t call it “exercise.” I call it “doing fun stuff that also happens to be good for my bod”).

So that’s what I write about here: The million-and-one mud runs, boxing classes, hikes, road races, rock gyms, bike treks, aerial yoga classes, ski clinics, full moon hikes, snowshoes, open-water swims, and more that Maine has to offer, so we can all take advantage.

And who knows, maybe we’ll all get totally ripped in the process. Or at least have a hell of a good time trying.

– Shannon Bryan

Shannon Bryan, founder of Fit Maine, during her regular appearance on 207.

In addition to creating fantastic content, I also appear regularly on 207 and I emcee local events!

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Shannon Bryan

Shannon Bryan

I don't like "exercise" any more than you do. But you know what I do like? Paddleboarding with a friend all afternoon (and then sitting in the grass to drink chardonnay). Bike rides and nachos, hikes, yoga classes held in breweries, group paddles to Fort Gorges, you get the idea. Because Maine is my gym.