Fit Maine Social Club

++ Get out (but, like, not too far). We all love and appreciate the positive effects of the Maine outdoors. Hopefully we’ll be back to all kinds of adventuring soon. But for now, press pause. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has some great advice: stay close to home, steer clear of busy locations, keep your distance (and stick to walking/hiking with folks from your household). ++


Greetings Fit Maine Social Club –

Welp, this isn’t fun to write. But before I dive into the mire, I have to say that it’s been an absolute pleasure adventuring with you all over the last year and a half. From weekends at the Bold Coast to waterfall rappelling, SUP yoga, mud runs, camping on Jewell Island, fall paddles, bungee fitness, boxing, and cross-country skiing at a brewery, we’ve had some pretty spectacular adventures. Not to mention all the snacks, laughs, and inflatable flamingos – and Betty White Head, of course.

In a nutshell: The official Fit Maine Social Club is suspended for the foreseeable future. I just sent an email to all current/recent members with the details, but wanted to share here, too.

The coronavirus has impacted us all in so many no-good ways, but I am so unbelievably happy for the stellar memories and all the cool shit we got to do together in Maine (and sometimes NH). YOU are the reason this club was so much damn fun. I may have brought the stories about peculiar deaths and animal fun facts you probably could have lived without, but you brought the incredible energy, humor, and “let’s do it” spirit. You were game to try new things and you cheered each other on as we tackled new terrain. We all grew bolder these last dozen or so months. Even cooler: We’ve made some glorious new friends. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

There’s still plenty of cool shit to do in Maine – it’s just going to look different for a while. Like so many other businesses struggling to navigate the present and wonder about the future, my li’l Fit Maine enterprise simply isn’t sustainable at this time. I can’t deny it: That fact makes me supremely sad. But I’m still really glad we gave it a go (see aforementioned memories, adventures, and friendships). There WILL be lots of new adventures for us all – and I’d love to organize some and invite you all to join me down the road (my desire to encourage you to do entertaining things whilst wearing a helmet, harness, PFD, and probably a costume has not waned). But it might just be something we do sometimes just for the fun of it. For now, I’m just doing my best to figure out what’s next. I suppose we’re all doing that.

This isn’t a note I wanted to write. I’d rather procrastinate it for another six months, to be honest. But I give a serious hoot about all of you and, well, I hope to see you out in the great big world again.

Thanks for being a part of the club, for being the coolest, and for making the last year and half so freaking memorable.