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++ Get out (but, like, not too far). We all love and appreciate the positive effects of the Maine outdoors. Hopefully we’ll be back to all kinds of adventuring soon. But for now, press pause. The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has some great advice: stay close to home, steer clear of busy locations, keep your distance (and stick to walking/hiking with folks from your household). ++


Make this the best year ever with the Fit Maine Social Club! We stay active all year with fun indoor workouts and memorable outdoor adventures.


Slowing the spread of coronavirus has changed a whole lot of things in our lives already: where and how we work, where we eat, who we hang out with, and how we spend our weekends. In accordance with CDC recommendations to socially distance, this social club is taking a new shape for the coming weeks and possibly months.

For now, it’s the Fit Maine Social [Distancing] Club

So we’re going to stay active and get outdoors – separately. While we can’t gather for in-person adventures right now, we can still get outside (on our own), socialize (online), and keep this club as a place for good humor and community. Possibly cake recipes.

To that end, I’m rolling out a new approach to the FMSC. I’m talking weekly scavenger-hunt-style challenges that’ll get you outside and some fun pop-up challenges, too. (Like “hike a new-to-you trail at a local preserve” or “take a selfie with the prettiest tree you can find” or maybe I’ll ask you to hunt for some fungus or take a photo of a specific trail marker. You get the idea.) Then we’ll share our photos and pic some winners, who will receive incredible prizes in the form of odds and ends I scrounge up from the trunk of my car. 😂 (Maybe prizes will get better, for now, be in it for the camaraderie.)

We’ll socialize a few times a month on the internet. We can all pour a drink of whatever, log in to a group forum, and learn something lovely – like backpacking tips, adventure journaling, or maybe some tree ID. It’ll also be a good time to see each other’s faces and catch up.

And finally (and such a bonus): the super-rad Kirsten Beverley-Waters or Aiiro Wellness is collaborating on this and will offer some fitness challenges, meditations, and no doubt her keen sense of hilarity, too. No telling where we’ll go with this!

This new interim program will be for active Fit Maine Social Club Members, and each week’s outdoor adventure + fitness challenges, plus calendar updates for the online get-togethers, will be delivered via email.

We’ll hang in, get out, and see each other on the other side.

– Shannon Bryan

+++ Join the Fit Maine Social Club Facebook group to stay apprised of more goings on (you don’t need to be an official member to be in the Facebook group). See all the events on the Fit Maine Social Club calendar

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