An entertaining close-to-home scavenger hunt for the Fit Maine Social [Distancing] Club (until we can adventure together again). Challenges start in the Fit Maine Social Club Facebook group and then get archived here.

Outdoor Challenges (so far)

Challenge: Nature Face
Our brains love to see “faces” in the world – even when those faces aren’t really faces. But right now, we could use all the new faces we can get. So, your mission: Find a face in nature. Maybe you’ll find a rock formation that looks like an old man, a leaf that looks like a happy cat. Find your face anywhere – at the beach, on a trail, in your own back yard.
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Challenge: Wild Life

What ‘wildlife’ lives in your ‘hood (or maybe in your house). I spotted this rare two-toned shrub cat in my neighborhood. This species typically nests in Oreo fields, where it blends in more easily, but is sometimes seen in the short grasses of suburban lawns where it overtly ignores humans while also judging them. Capture a photo of your area wildlife and share something interesting about it.
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Challenge: Things you’ve never noticed before

I’ve walked, jogged, and bicycled in my neighborhood countless times in the 10+ years I’ve lived on this street. Lately I’m noticing a whole bunch of stuff I never noticed before – funky trees, rock art, and a pair of shoes dangling from an overhead cable. My favorite: the old-timey lady shape in this birch tree by SMCC in South Portland. What new things do YOU see in your neighborhood?
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Challenge: Recreate your favorite outdoor activity, but indoors using household items
Holy crud I had way too much fun with this one, and I think you will, too. It’s an entertaining way to get creative indoors and express our affection for outdoor adventures. My bathtub was my kayak, and my paddle was made from a rolling pin and spatulas. Show me what you’ve got!
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Challenge: Make-Your-Own Adventure Buddy
Missing your adventure buddies? Wishing you could once again hang out with those friends you typically hike, paddle, run, camp, or otherwise go gallivanting with? You can! Kinda. Make your own adventure buddy by printing out their face and putting it on a stick. Or draw them! Then you can talk to them ALL DAY while you go for a walk in your neighborhood and eat snacks on your couch!
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Challenge: Spring things
The birds, the flowers, the receding snow banks that reveal piles of Fireball nips! Spring is a glorious time of year, even if this year feels decidedly less glorious. What spring things do you see? I spent a long while watching a bee gather pollen from a crocus. (Fun fact: Crocuses are one of the first pollen sources available to bees in early spring. I just learned that on the internet! Also: honey bee workers are female. More bee stuff:
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PUN CHALLENGE! Maine outdoors + food

Here’s one for you people who like words and nerdy puns. Combine two loves with this pun challenge: the Maine outdoors and FOOD. Ideally food that’s in your house right now, but I won’t really know so really it doesn’t matter. Can you rename a Maine river, preserve, mountain or trail – or maybe an outdoor sport or piece of gear – by combining it with a food word? For example: Scarborough Marshmallow. (Dioramas and photos NOT required although nice if you do). Just tell me yer puns!
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Challenge: Watch the sun rise
Watch it tomorrow or next week or whenever it works for you. Just go. I’ve lived close to Willard Beach for 10 years and not once have I gone there to watch the sunrise. Last week I happened to be awake at 5:30 a.m., so I went. And the sky did not disappoint. I even captured Portland Head Light flashing me! It was a welcome early morning quiet, aside from the birds yakking and boats chugging by, and it made me feel happy. Maybe you’ll feel the same.
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Challenge: Fort Night
BUILD A FORT. Put your favorite stuff in it. Never leave!

Inspired by some fort building I’ve seen on Facebook lately, I built my own last night. Inside: plenty of blankets, adventure planning books and some great local fiction, a huge bag of tortilla chips, and a Bota brick, just in case. Oh, and a poop emoji pillow a former roommate gave me because “it made me think of you.” Ha. And yea, sounds about right.

What’ll you put in your fort?
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Easter Bonus

Easter Scavenger Hunt
Your aim: spell out a word (like “Easter,” or “Cadbury,” or “Covidisajerkface”) by tracking down each letter out in your local wild. That might include letters on street signs or shapes of letters you see in nature or objects you discover that start with the right letter (A is for acorn, etc). You’ll take photos and post them to the FB group to be entered to win an Easter basket of candy (because of course), Fit Maine swag, and a mini adventure journal. HOW EXCITING. I’ll draw from all entries on Monday.
FMI: FMSC Easter Scavenger Hunt