Club rules | FAQ | Terms and Conditions

We’re all in this club together. And while we’re focused on adventures big and small, new experiences and new friends, and doing things worth bragging about – it’ll go more smoothly if we agree on a few things up front. So here are a few club ground rules.

– The Fit Maine Social Club is all about trying new things and challenging ourselves with new experiences, which means it’s up to us to cheer each other on. Bring your support and your good humor, and we’ll all have a great time.

– Sign up for as many events as you’d like! But if it happens that you are not able to make an event you signed up for, tell me in a timely fashion. Many events are limited in capacity and often develop waitlists. So if you take a spot, use it! If you discover you’re unable to come to an event you signed up for, let me know as soon as possible ( or via text 207-329-1188 or use the event cancellation form online). A habit of last-minute cancellations could result in losing spots for future events.

– You’ll need to be an active member on the day of an event, so if you sign up for an event three months from now, but your membership lapses, you’ll lose your spot. You can absolutely let your membership lapse and sign up again at any time, but those events you registered for before might have filled up in the meantime.

– Give (photo) credit where credit is due! Sharing photos from our adventures is almost as fun as the adventure itself (those photos are evidence of our awesome times)! If you’d like to share a photo taken by someone else in the club, extend the courtesy and ask them permission first. And credit/tag them, too. (For my part, you’re welcome to share any photos I take and post online – no need to ask first – but tagging the Fit Maine Social Club is always appreciated!)

– This club is for you. If there’s a thing on your list – a particular class or adventure you’ve always wanted to try – tell me. Knowing what you’d like to do helps me craft the calendar going forward. Besides, I really want to help turn that “Some day I’d like to” into “Today I did!”

— Shannon Bryan, Fit Maine Social Club