Freeport Fitness opened in January, and very quickly owner Chelsea Simcock infused the space with her upbeat, let’s-have-fun-while-we-sweat-our-brains-out energy. As soon as you step into Freeport Fitness, which is located inside Bhavana Spa at 147 Main Street, you’re greeted with her welcoming and easy sense of humor.

But don’t be fooled by her friendliness – she’ll also work your legs off on those spin bikes.

Chelsea Simcock, spin instructor and owner of Freeport Fitness, leads a spin class. And she means business. Shannon Bryan photo
Fast feet on the spin bikes during class at Freeport Fitness. Shannon Bryan photo

Chelsea’s serious about her spin, even if she’s cracking jokes while she tells you to add more and more tension to your bike or hover over your saddle for just a little bit longer. And as far as I can tell, that approach results in a challenging workout that you might even find yourself laughing through. (Okay, maybe you won’t be laughing the WHOLE time. During a recent last, there may have been some of us who yelled out a few “holy cruds!” along the way and who chose not to add on all the tension because our bike legs weren’t quite ready and much sweat was happening and, well, the class was tough. But I did end with a smile and still liked Chelsea after, so that means something!)

Getting their spin on. Shannon Bryan photo

She’s also pretty good at the motivation, too, shouting out “You got this,” “Focus!” “Almost there!” to keep you going though the sprints and hills.

And while Chelsea digs the spin, Freeport Fitness also offers other classes, like spin & tone, gentle flow yoga, Qigong, plus a 45-minute circuit, and 45-minute total body workout (which starts on spin bikes and includes strength training and stretching that covers your whole body). See the whole schedule here.

The spin room at Freeport Fitness on Main Street. Shannon Bryan photo
Freeport Fitness owner Chelsea Simcock leads a spin class at her new space in Freeport. Shannon Bryan photo

But it was the spin/yoga combo that lured me in. I love a good combination, for one, but I also like the idea of pushing my muscles something good while the music blares – and then taking it down a notch to focus on my breath and letting those muscles stretch and letting my brain take a load off, even if just for a little while.

The 90-minute spin/yoga class at Freeport Fitness starts with 30 minutes of spin and is followed by a 45-minute yoga session. So you get that intensity on the bike and the slower flow on the mat.

Focusing on the breath at the start of yoga, with instructor Cori Crovo at the front of the room. Shannon Bryan photo

Cori Crovo led the yoga portion of class when I went – and she, too, has a lighthearted approach. As class transitioned from the bikes to the mats, I stepped away to take a few photos, and heard laughter coming from the yoga room. Always a good sign.

The glorious forward fold during a yoga class at Freeport Fitness. Shannon Bryan phot
Yoga instructor Cori Crovo leads class. Shannon Bryan photo

Freeport Fitness is a space where you can push yourself, and you can also laugh out loud when you tip over trying a balance pose during yoga, and not feel bad about it. (I speak from experience here.)

Final stretches on the mat – giving some attention to that lower body after those intense 30 minutes on the spin bike. Shannon Bryan photo

Congrats to Chelsea on her new business. You can check it out for yourself – first class is free! – and a drop-in after that is $12. And make a point to check out Bhavana Spa while you’re there. It’s a beautiful space!

The entrance to Freeport Fitness is located at the back of Bhavana Spa (accessible from the front doors, too). The back door, which is closest to the parking lot, doesn’t look like much from the outside, but step inside to a bright and freshly decked out reception area. Shannon Bryan photo
The entrance area of Freeport Fitness, where you can hang your coat and store your things. Not pictured is the just-installed shower room, where you can shower down before heading out. Shannon Bryan photos

Spin + Yoga at Freeport Fitness

147 Main Street, Freeport (inside Bhavana Spa)
First class free! $12 drop in. $49 for 5-class pass, $89 for 10-class pass.
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+ This story was first published on April 1, 2019