This is the year you do something awesome.

I mean, you’re clearly awesome every year. But if you’ve been toying with the idea of tackling a cool physical challenge this year, something you’ve never done in a beautiful part of Maine, something that’ll get you active and motivate you to keep training, well then have I got an idea for you: The Summer Solstice SwimRun.

Learn all about it and see footage of last year’s race:

Starting and ending at the historic Sky Lodge in Moose River, Maine, the Summer Solstice SwimRun is an event for seasoned endurance athletes and SwimRun newbies. There are two courses to choose from: a beginner-friendly short course (that’s about 12.2 kilometers) and a challenging long course (over 26 kilometers). This year’s Summer Solstice SwimRun takes place on June 20.

So what exactly is a SwimRun?

In a nutshell: Run, swim, scramble, repeat. SwimRun is a growing sport that involves teams of two making their way along a course with alternating segments of running and open-water swimming. During a SwimRun you will run in your wetsuit and swim in your shoes – and you’ll be tethered to your partner during the swims (so pick your partner wisely). If you’d rather compete on your own, you can do that, too. This year the short course has a solo division.

You’ll swim in rivers and freshwater lakes and run on paved roads, packed dirt, and grassy runways. And you’ll experience beautiful untouched portions of the Maine woods. There’s also loads of race support along the way to help keep you safe and headed in the right direction. You’ll cross that finish line filled with pride. Because you will have done something unique and wild and 100 percent brag-worthy.

Sounds enticing, right?

If this is your first-ever first SwimRun, this is the perfect place to start. If you’ve got serious SwimRun goals, the long course is a qualifier for the 2020 SwimRun National Championship. And you’ll be celebrating the official start of summer in an incredibly cool and memorable way.

Registration for the Summer Solstice SwimRun is open now. Register today and make it official. Let the world know you mean business (and take advantage of early bird rates).

Summer might seem eons away right now, but this is training time. Before you know it, you’ll be crossing the finish line at Sky Lodge, grinning from ear to ear, thanking yourself for signing up in the first place.

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