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Learn the boxing basics with Liz Leddy at Portland Boxing Club

The Saturday intro class is for folks who really want to learn to box. You'll gain the basics on proper form, conditioning, and practice on the speed bag and heavy bag, and when you're ready, you'll get the green light to become a member. Also awesome: This class is taught by Liz Leddy, three-time National Golden Gloves champion.
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Give TRX a try at FitWell in Portland

Fit Well is a fully equipped TRX training studio that opened up on Dartmouth Street several months ago, which means all the classes use the TRX Suspension Trainer. And those harmless-looking straps can give your body one heck of a workout.
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5 reasons to sign up for the Peaks to Portland right now

The water is cold. You can't see the bottom. And 2.4 miles ain't nothing. But here's a secret: Swimming the Peaks to Portland is so so doable. Even if you don't at all consider yourself a highly experienced, super buoyant elite swimmer. You don't need to be. YOU can do this.
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