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Circus aerials maine
by: Shannon Bryan

The circus lives! Learn aerial silks, trapeze & handbalancing in Portland & Biddeford

The closure of Circus Maine is a real bummer. But there are still places to learn aerial silks, trapeze, and...
Maine Warrior Gym Ninja Fitness
by: Shannon Bryan

Train like a ninja: Beginner Ninja Fitness at Maine Warrior Gym

Free your inner ninja! The Ninja Fitness class is geared toward beginners and will help students improve agility, speed and...
LudoSport Portland Maine lightsaber combat
by: Shannon Bryan

Learn lightsaber combat at LudoSport Portland in Westbrook

Lightsaber combat is what it sounds like: duels using a well-known (albeit not real) weapon, the lightsaber. Here in Maine,...
by: Shannon Bryan

Jazzercise in Westbrook. Yes, Jazzercise! No legwarmers needed #thenewjazzercise

Does everybody dress retro? I wondered. Will I stand out if I'm wearing modern-day (and totally not neon) gym shorts?...
by: Shannon Bryan

Warrior Moms in Westbrook: A fitness class for pregnant & new moms

For pregnant women and new moms who have a hankering for a good sweat, medicine balls and some walking lunges...
by: Shannon Bryan

A jungle gym for grownups: Maine Warrior Gym in Westbrook is open!

Maine Warrior Gym really is like a jungle gym for grownups. The monkey bars, warped walls, ropes and salmon ladder...