You can’t jump on a trampoline and be in a bad mood. You just can’t. There’s something about the act of bouncing that’s so irresistibly fun, even if that trampoline is the center of your evening workout and that workout is actually pretty challenging and your gluts are burning and your heart rate is hitting the roof.

You can trust me on this one. Or you can experience for yourself during a trampoline class at The Fitness Factory on Warren Ave. in Portland.

The Fitness Factory offers two different trampoline classes. The “Trampoline and Tone” class alternates between timed cardio segments on the trampoline and timed segments on the floor, where you’ll work with dumbbells or resistance tubes and do agility intervals and body-weight exercises. “Total Trampoline” is all cardio and body-weight work – no dumbbells.

Both are taught by instructor Giana, who makes the high knees look like a breeze.

trampoline and tone fitness factory portland maine
The “Trampoline & Tone” class alternates between time on the trampoline and time on the floor doing strength and agility exercises. Shannon Bryan photo

And if you’re picturing that scene from “Fried Green Tomatoes,” when Evelyn Couch (played by Kathy Bates) gingerly bounces on a trampoline in her suburban living room, and you’re wondering if this class is like that…well, kinda.

You’re certainly welcome to bounce gingerly. It’s an all-levels class and it’s your workout to do with as you see fit. But you can also hammer out a pretty intense cardio experience.

Impressive high knees on the trampoline. Shannon Bryan photo

While the first minute or two of bouncing feels like pure childhood joy, you’ll quickly discover that your endurance for the trampoline arts isn’t what it used to be. Giana offers modifications for most of the exercises, so you can work out to your level, but your heart rate will be up and sweating will happen.

The more advanced modifications (like bringing your knees high on repeat jumps, which I tried and couldn’t maintain for very long) will definitely challenge you.

Floor work during the “Trampoline & Tone” class at Fitness Factory. Shannon Bryan photo

And because the trampoline absorbs much of the impact of all that jumping, it’s easy on the joints.

The “Trampoline & Tone” class divides the time between the trampoline and the floor. You’ll spend a segment of time jumping on the trampoline, then move to the floor for planks, weights, mountain climbers, etc.

Giving those triceps some attention during the Monday-night “Trampoline & Tone” class. Shannon Bryan photo

But even as your quads start fatiguing and your breathing turns to a pant, you can’t help but feel like you’re still having a good time. (There were a lot of serious faces in the Monday-night class I attended, but I know they were all having fun on the inside.) Some of the jumps feel silly at first – and just wait ’til the end off class when Giana has everyone do core work and you get to sit on the trampoline and spin around. It’s silliness galore – and your core will feel it.

I love it when that happens – fun meeting fitness.

Trampoline classes

The Fitness Factory, 512 Warren Ave., Portland
Giana teaches two trampoline classes at Fitness Factory:
9-10 a.m. Mondays 5:15-6:15 p.m. Mondays
Check The Fitness Factory schedule for all the classes and current days/times.
$10 day pass
FMI: or 207-797-5700