Mittens. Snow pants. A couple of fleece.

These bits of warm winter apparel often mark the difference between “WINTER RULES, LET’S ADD ANOTHER WING TO THE SNOW FORT!” and “I cannot feel my body. It’s possible my fingers have died.” Cold-weather comfort is ultimately a matter of layering.

Add a pair of snowshoes, a set of cross-country skis, and some ice skates into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a season’s worth of outdoor winter entertainment.

Winter gear as an investment in your happiness. If we’re going to live in a place with snow, we might as well seize the opportunity to play in it.

But all that schtuff can also be an investment financially.

If you’re in the market for winter layers to keep you cozy or outdoor gear to better enjoy the snow, there are plenty of retailers that would be happy to set you up with brand-new stuff. If you’re on a budget, well, there are options for that, too.

Here are some great places to go when you’re on the hunt for affordable, gently used gear and apparel.

Woods + Waters Gear Exchange on Pleasant Street in Brunswick. Shannon Bryan photo

Woods + Waters Gear Exchange

Woods + Waters Gear Exchange in Brunswick has become a regular resource for great used gear (whether you’re buying or selling). Owner Jenna does a fine job curating the selection here, which changes with the season and, in the winter, includes anything from XC skis and boots to snow tubes, ice skates, gloves, goggles, snow pants, and coats. There’s a selection for men, women, and kids.

Winter gear from when the shop first opened in Jan 2019. Shannon Bryan photos

Check Woods + Waters Facebook for new items in the shop or just swing in and browse.

If you’re looking to consign any gear or apparel, here’s a list of items W+Ws accepts.

Woods + Waters Gear Exchange
12 Pleasant Street, Brunswick

GearME in Freeport
GearME in Freeport sells outdoor apparel and gear for men, women, and kids. They’ll also buy the gear you’re no longer using. Shannon Bryan photo


GearME is an outdoor gear consignment shop located on Route 1 in Freeport, and it’s chock full of gear and apparel for women, men, and kids. GearME sells used outdoor stuff for every season – from camping tents and sleeping bags to ice skates and sleds – so be sure to return in warmer months to see what’s there. The owners, Emily and Hayes, are making a concerted effort to gather kids’ stuff, too, which is great for families with growing kids whose sizes seem to change every six months.

Some of the gear for sale at GearME in Freeport: Lots of cross-country skis, ice skates (hockey and figure), snowshoes, winter boots, and apparel – everything from snow pants and fleece to puffy coats and vests. Shannon Bryan photos
Boots and snow pants at GearME in Freeport. Shannon Bryan photos

When I visited, I spied racks of coats and snow pants, fleece zip-ups, and knit hats. They also had a selection of cross-county skies, cross-country ski boots, a few snowshoes, ice skates, sleds and snow tubes, winter boots, and more. (Note: most smaller shops do not sell used downhill skiing equipment – skis or helmets – because of liability issues, and that’s true for GearME as well.)

GearME is worth a visit, and the selection is always changing based on what’s coming in on consignment. And if you have outdoor gear or apparel you’re no longer using or that the kids have outgrown, bring it in. Here’s GearME’s consignment info.

475 US Route 1, Freeport

Portland Gear Hub on Washington Ave. in Portland is a nice spot to hunt for outdoor stuffs. Shannon Bryan photo

Portland Gear Hub

Portland Gear Hub opened several years ago – first in the basement of the Portland YMCA, then in a storefront on St. John Street. Now they’re in a sweet spot on Washington Avenue. The Gear Hub is a great spot to look for bikes (seriously – there are so many bikes here. They also have a Bike School with mechanics classes, workshops, Bikes for All Mainers program, kids programs, and more). They also sell a range of other outdoor gear, too, like camping stuff, backpacks, cross-country skis, outerwear, and more. And proceeds from sales go to support the Gear Hub’s programs and Camp Ketcha.

Some of the winter gear for sale at Portland Gear Hub. Shannon Bryan photos
Fat bike for sale at Portland Gear Hub. Shannon Bryan photo

The selection is always changing, of course, but expect to find used cross-country skis, cross-country ski boots, snowshoes, ice skates, winter coats, snow pants, fleece, and more. There was even a fat bike for sale when I was there. (Note: most smaller shops do not sell used downhill skiing equipment – skis or helmets – because of liability issues, and that’s true for the Gear Hub as well.)

Portland Gear Hub has also begun doing consignment. More details about consignment on their website.

Portland Gear Hub
155 Washington Ave., Portland

Goodwill has 17 locations in Maine, including Falmouth, pictured here. Shannon Bryan photo


Goodwill is a well-known destination for used clothing (most of my closet came from a Goodwill store). I’ve also written before about how Goodwill is a great place to find inexpensive workout apparel. But they also sell a decent selection of winter apparel, too. And while much of Goodwill’s wares are used, they often have new stuff, too, like gloves, mittens, socks, hats, and balaclavas (face masks).

Winter apparel for sale at Goodwill, like NEW gloves, mittens, hats, face masks, and even some new winter coats. Shannon Bryan photos.

I’ve bought most of my fleeces at Goodwill – they always have a good selection of fleece, wicking underlayers, and winter coats and vests. But this time of year they also sell NEW winter apparel like mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, face masks, and socks. At the Falmouth location recently, they also had a rack of new winter coats.

You can also sometimes find ice skates, cross-country skis, and snowshoes at Goodwill, although those items tend to fly off the shelves pretty quickly.

Goodwill has 17 locations in Maine. Find a location near you here:

Play It Again Sports has three locations in Maine: Auburn, Biddeford, and Portland (pictured here). Shannon Bryan photo

Play It Again Sports

There are three Play It Again Sports locations in Maine: Portland, Biddeford, and Auburn. The selection of sporting gear at these locations is pretty impressive. Much of it is used (Play It Again buys your old gear), but there’s new gear on the racks, too.

Just a bit of the selection of downhill skis and boots and cross-country skis and boots at Play It Again Sports in Portland. Shannon Bryan photos

At the Portland location, there’s a ton of downhill gear – skis and snowboards – at a variety of price points (Play It Again is one of the few resellers to sell downhill gear. I bought my used downhill skis and boots here four years ago and have been really happy with them). They also sell cross-country skis and boots, snowshoes, ice skates, helmets (new only), sleds, and more.

And, of course, Play It Again Sports will buy your used gear, also.

Play It Again Sports
232 Center St., Auburn. 207-777-7427
473 Alfred St., Biddeford. 207-602-6066
315 Marginal Way, Portland. 207-773-6063

Burlington Coat Factory has locations in Bangor and South Portland (pictured). Shannon Bryan photo

Okay, Burlington Coat Factory isn’t a “gently used” resale shop – and you probably already know that they sell coats here. But I’m including Burlington on this list for one reason: snow pants. When I was first getting into the Maine outdoors, my budget was tight. So I bought a pair of bib overall snow pants from Burlington for like $25. Those are the same snow pants I wear today, 14 years later.

Snow pants for sale at Burlington Coat Factory in South Portland. Shannon Bryan photo

The snow pants are mixed in with the coats – and I could only find them in the men’s section. The ones I’ve worn for 14 years are a men’s medium, and they’ve done me just fine over the years. There are bib and regular snow pants on the racks, so pick your pleasure.

Burlington Coat Factory
441 Western Avenue, South Portland
229 Springer Drive, Bangor

Whether you’re sporting hand-me-down boots and a used pair of snowshoes or you’ve invested in brand-new skis that match your ski suit, it doesn’t matter. The point is to get outside, enjoy the snow, and make some memories. Here’s to a winter full of forts, sledding hills, and perfect conditions.