Generally my winter survival toolkit consists of warm layers, an outdoor adventure of any kind, and a post-adventure hot toddy. But just in case things go south in a jiffy whilst on aforementioned adventure, it’s good to have some actual survival skills. You know, so you live to see that hot toddy back home.

Our instructor teaching us all the things.

We learned some awesome stuff about winter shelters, winter fires, and how you can use macerated brains to tan a moose hide during the Becoming an Outdoors Woman: Winter Skills workshops at UMaine 4-H Camp and Learning Center in Bryant Pond. (The brains fun fact came up in conversation with our supremely knowledgeable instructor, Eri, who knows how to do all the things. Of course it’s the weird detail I’ll remember forever.)

The BOW programs are usually weekend-long affairs, where attendees sign up for a range of cool workshops, from ice fishing and snowmobiling to shotgun skills, winter tracking, winter survival, and more.

This year the program was one day, with a workshop in the morning, lunch, and a workshops in the afternoon. While I look forward to coming back and bunking for a couple of nights, this was still a swell way to spend the day.

In the afternoon, we exploded some clays during a shotgun skills class. Safety was the priority, from ear plugs and eye safety to the proper handling of the firearm and range protocol. We practiced our shooting and even did a little competition.

Many thanks to the good people of UMaine 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond. We had an excellent time and learned a ton.

Looking forward to checking out more of their workshops this year!

Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Programs offered seasonally through UMaine 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond