The rink at Happy Wheels Skate Center is hardly a stranger to good times. Many happy hours of happy skating have happened there under the disco balls and colorful lights. But you can also have a grand, body-moving good time there without skates during a high-energy Zumba class.

* UPDATE: Happy Wheels is closing on Dec. 15. So get there while you can to Zumba or skate.

Studio Fit holds classes there every day of the week (see the full schedule). The music is upbeat and loud, the disco balls are going, the rink is filled with colorful lights and Zumba dancers of all levels, and the energy is simply fantastic.

And while it’s true that Zumba is a solid way to work up a sweat by dancing, you don’t need to be a perfect dancer to participate. I sometimes struggle to follow all the moves, but I see those as opportunities to freestyle and make up my own dance until I pick up the right steps again. The point is to move your body and have a good time doing it. (I grinned the whole time – even though I missed half the steps.)

A rink full of dancers! Shannon Bryan photo
Zumba Studio Fit Happy Wheels Maine
Susan Sinnett, owner and lead instructor at Studio Fit, leads the Saturday morning class at Happy Wheels. Shannon Bryan photo
The whole point of Zumba is to get moving. Shannon Bryan photo

The Saturday-morning classes, which starts at 9:30 a.m., is a popular one. It’s taught by Susan, the owner of Studio Fit Maine, but a few of the other instructors are there, too. Their energy is infectious. To help make it easy for everyone to see what’s happening and follow along in such a big group, there are several people at the front of the room demonstrating the steps (including modifications to make the steps more or less intense).

Classes are open to all levels. Shannon Bryan photo
The face of Zumba happiness. Shannon Bryan photo
Class ends with some body-weight movements and stretching. Shannon Bryan photo

Zumba with Studio Fit

Happy Wheels Skate Center, 331 Warren Ave., Portland
The Saturday class starts at 9:30 a.m. There are classes every day of the week! See the full schedule.
$10 drop-in ($8 seniors). You can also buy a $55 monthly membership for unlimited classes.
For all the class and membership info: and